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  • Interior Pocket Wood Door
  • Interior Pocket Wood Door
Interior Pocket Wood Door Interior Pocket Wood Door Interior Pocket Wood Door

Interior Pocket Wood Door

Interior Pocket Wood Door with Italian Design Hardware

The sliding pocket door can offer greater furnishing options to create a wider ad more welcoming environment. It allows to regain the space which is usually taken by the radius of swinging door. The sliding pocket door opens through sliding inside and running into a counterframe wall system. The counterframe of a sliding pocket door is a metal pocket and allows the door to slide into the wall, and make the door concealed or hidden from sight. Sliding pocket door provides a great furnishing possibilities to solve a space problem.


As a professional wood and glass door manufacturer, we recommend the Italian brand Eclisse for the sliding door frame system. Since its beginning , Eclisse has been and remains dedicated to advancing the design of the sliding door system. The sliding door frame was not considered to be a simple structure for holding a door, but rather a complex system which must above all communicate with the surrounding structure in which it is fitted.

The solid wall versions are immensely strong, and serve as more than a simple replacement for brickwork. They are capable of forming an integral part the structure. One the other hand, versions of stud wall have an open, lightweight but solid structure which can be perfectly incorporated in the studwork.


Eclisse developed an elegant practical alternative to hinges doors. A framework that forms part of the wall and allows for your door to slide effortlessly inside the wall. Sliding pocket doors take up no living space. Whether you are designing new-build or refurbishment this is a modern and intelligent way to exploit the space using the lastest development in the door closure. Eclisse has been manufacturing frames for sliding pocket doors since 1989 and it is the largest worldwide producer of these integrated system,To learn more, please their webiste:

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