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  • HPL Hospital Patient Room Door
  • HPL Hospital Patient Room Door
  • HPL Hospital Patient Room Door
HPL Hospital Patient Room Door HPL Hospital Patient Room Door HPL Hospital Patient Room Door

HPL Hospital Patient Room Door

HPL Interior wood door for hospital

Interior wood door for hospital includes lead door for X -ray rooms, hospital patient room doors, ICU door. It is very important for the interior wood door to prevent cross-contamination, provide fire and X-ray protection, maintain correct room pressure and ensure optimum operating efficiency for hospital application. Such custom made interior wood door is also widely installed and used in other place like medical center, healthcare centers and electronic factories. The essential requirement for hospital door is hermetic seals, eco-friendly and easy to clean configuration, anti-bacteria and consistent quality with different dimension and parameter.

HPL door (high pressure laminate) door comes with simple structure and installation system. Our HPL hospital door is optimized to achieve a better aesthetics and performance. It can provide great convenience for doctors to get a large area glass and maximize clear door opening area. One of the most significant function for hospital door is to meet the demanding requirement of patient and equipment transportation. HPL door can not only be used in patient room and doctor’s office, but also be used in ICU rooms, health care rooms or labs. Our HPL door is designed and manufactured based on a variety of electro-static privacy system to provide a higher grade of patient privacy, staff convenience and infection control.

To help to reduce the risk of spreading disease, the contact with door handles will be significantly reduced by the additional device of overhead presence sendor, foot sensor or RFID password procedure. At UnaDoors, safe and precise operation is ensured with our quality and custom made HPL interior wood door in hospital. HPL is a kind of reliable and durable material for wood door surface finish.It has the benefit of good water proof, high impact and scratch proof to make our interior wood door meet the need of hospital application perfectly.